Additional Information

The Department of Postgraduate Education is based in the Learning Centre at Royal Blackburn Hospital. The main administrative office is housed at LC118 on the ground floor and the door is always open.

The Learning Centre is a purpose-built building with a large number of classrooms, and a spacious Auditorium. The majority of teaching takes place here and has the advantage of being only a short walk from the main Hospital Building.

Within the Learning Centre there is also a dining room with a sandwich bar that is open daily.

Clinical Skills 

There is a comprehensive Clinical Skills Laboratory which has all the equipment required for doctors to practice their skills.

Adjacent to the Clinical Skills Lab is the Patient Simulator with a Laerdal SimMan - this has just been upgraded to the newest 3G high-tech model and a major upgrade to the facility itself is also planned.



Library and IT facilities

The library is situated in the Learning Centre and is modern and spacious. Library staff are all extremely helpful and are happy to assist in any way they can. Upstairs is a large IT suite with numerous PCs which are available for all to use. Both the library and IT suite are available to doctors 24 hours a day.