Integrated Care Group (Medicine & Community)

Welcome to the Integrated Care Group Pages. The integrated care group formed in April 2014 with the merger of the Medicine and Community Divisions of East Lancashire Hospitals. On these pages you will find information relating to the educational opportunities formally provided by the Integrated Care Group.   

I hope that any time you spend within the Integrated Care Group will enrich your educational experience. ELHT is one of the busiest Trusts in the country and also has some of the most challenging demographics and related health care needs in the country. You will have exposure to the full spectrum of medical pathology with opportunities to develop skills and expertise in the management of these conditions in a supervised, supported and friendly environment.   

There are both Group and Departmental teaching programmes which trainee and senior staff alike are encouraged to both attend and contribute to which will complement and enhance other training opportunities that exist locally, regionally and further afield.   

Please use the educational opportunities offered formally as part of the teaching programmes, informally during clinical activity and by our most valuable training resource – our patients.   

We want you to get the most you can from your educational placement and your Clinical and Educational Supervisors are always available to guide and assist as are the Clinical Directors who attend the monthly “Junior Doctors’ Forum” held on the first Wednesday of the Month prior to the Divisional Grand Round.   

If things are not going as well as you would like, please let us know early so that any necessary changes can be made during your placement rather than after you have left us. A dedicated email address for general enquiries / comments is also available:

The Integrated Care Group has a small team of staff which support the leadership team in the smooth running of the Group. This includes Business Support Manager, Liz Ford, who has a specific remit around Medical Workforce. If you have any feedback around your time as a trainee in the Integrated Care Group you can contact

Dr Christine Clark, Divisional Education Lead.