Forum Dates

Dr Mark Dziobon, Training Programme Director for GP Specialty Training meets with all the GP STs on a regular basis at the start of teaching, bimonthly on Tuesday mornings, to discuss your Training Programme.  The sessions for 2018/19 will take place on the dates given below, although the dates may occasionally have to be changed.  Each Forum will be facilitated by Dr Dziobon and / or Kathryn Burton. 

The Forum sessions are an opportunity to feedback on, and discuss any issues with, or aspects of, your 3 year training programme.  There is also the opportunity to ask for outside speakers to attend, for example someone from the Lead Employer Team. 

Notes of each session will be taken and circulated to all the GP Specialty Trainees.  If Trainees have any issues they wish to raise and they are unable to attend a Forum they are welcome to relay these through a colleague, or discuss them with Kathryn Burton who is usually available in the Postgrad Centre at Royal Blackburn every Tuesday.   

Please note, these sessions are part of your Tuesday morning teaching sessions, therefore attendance is mandatory.

Forum dates for 2018-19 to be arranged.