Frequently Asked Questions - Foundation
  • How many SLE's do I have to complete per placement?
    A: ELHT's local requirements is 1 DOP, 3 Mini-CEXs & 2 CBDs per placement.

  • Do I have to complete the ALERT/AIM course as part of sign off?
    A: The ALERT/AIM course is a trust mandatory requirement which you must complete. It is not linked to your completion of foundation. 

  • How can I access my ELHT account during my GP placement or at home?
    A: You can log in to your emails via: https://owa.elht.nhs.uk/owa on any computer.

  • How much study leave allowance am I entitled to in FY2?
    A: 805. For guidance on study leave please visit this link.

  • How do I claim back money for a course I undertook using approved study leave?
    A: In the first instance you need to register for the ELFS Automated Expenses System. You can collect a registration form from the PGME office. Upon receiving access to the system you will need to submit a claim with all the receipts attached. If you need any help on the system please contact the PGME team.

  • How do I arrange a taster week?
    A: There is a full list of taster weeks and how to apply for these in the foundation section of our website.

  • How do I sign off the TAB with my supervisor?
    A: When all the criteria has been met, your supervisor can mark the TAB as satisfactory at the bottom of the results page. If this option is unavailable it is more than likely because the TAB has automatically closed. You have 30 days from the first day you start the TAB to complete it. You can contact the PGME team to extend the deadline by 7 days which will allow it to be marked as satisfactory by your supervisor.