Quality Improvement

Form - How to suggest a QI project

We have a Foundation led Quality Improvement task group. Anyone is welcome to attend.

Purpose of the QI group:

1) To implement QI projects
2) To create and maintain a projects database
3) To facilitate and aid any foundation doctors with implementation of a QI project
4) To network with other organisations to help find other opportunities/ examples of good QI projects that help improve quality of care in East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust


Chair - Dr Belderbos / Miss Gawne / Dr Dean
• Facilitates the meeting by working through the agenda
• Keeps time through the meeting
• Concludes the meeting with action points

Lead / Secretary - Karthick
• Sends out minutes after each meeting
• Sends out agendas and receives apologies
• Facilitate the handover process at the end of each year
• Liaising with Kim to ensure rooms are booked prior to the meeting
• Follows up on action points
• Time keeping and working through the agenda when Chair not able to make it the meeting.

Lessons Learnt Liaison - Rob / Danni
• Communicates with learnt lessons leads to make a bank of project ideas
• Supports the learnt lessons leads to get projects implemented
• Supports the learnt lessons leads with getting actionable points from the sessions
Networking lead - Danni
• Actively searches for any other QI forums and similar groups to help generate project ideas
• Make links with other groups such as TIPS
Projects database lead - Karthick
• Maintains the FY1 project database (subdivided into medicine, surgery, specialities)
• Liaises with John Dean, Associate medical director to keep up to date about projects that are up and running to avoid duplication.
QI projects implementation lead - Alex and Khush (FY1) and Haroon (FY2)
• Implementation of project ideas
• Helps break barriers faced by foundation year doctors in the implementation of existing project ideas.

IT Lead -
• Uploads minutes onto share point and any documents that are produced from this group
• Updates the website about QI activities
• Co-ordinates with Trust IT Department and signposts people to correct person in IT where needed

Publicity lead - Rebecca
• Aids in recruit more people for ongoing QI projects
• Doing shout outs/ announcements for keeping the FY1/ FY2 cohorts updated about our progress and acts as the group’s front for contact/ queries