Pastoral Support

Who can I go to if I need help?

We hope you enjoy your time with us and have a positive experience both in and outside work. Occasionally problems arise which are difficult to sort out on your own. If you need help or advice about personal or emotional support or illness there are various teams you can ask for support: Your clinical and educational supervisors are often good people to speak to initially especially if the issues relate to anything within the department. Please speak to any of the foundation team or CAST team if you need advice or are having any problems.

Make sure you are registered with a local GP and see them if you are suffering from any physical or mental health problems. Occupational health are also available for support and if you need to reduce your hours or off sick long term a review with them can be done through the foundation office or booked yourself. The deanery have support systems and we can ask for their support too if needs be

Stress Buster for Medical Staff