News : PGME Blog - December 2014

Welcome to the first Postgraduate Medical Education blog for ELHT. The aim is to keep everybody up to date with news and developments in the field. We will concentrate on medical education, but conscious of the place of workforce planning in good educational experience, we hope to broaden the remit in the future.

Top of the list has to be the forthcoming Health Education North West monitoring visit to the trust on 3rd February 2015. HENW inspect the quality of our education provision. Preparation is well under way. The timetable has now been sent to us and duly circulated. It is really important that trainees are released to speak to the visiting teams. Equally, it is vital that consultants then attend the sessions to give their views and hear some feedback. Some departments have already had mini-visits, where we have used some of the formal monitoring visit tools to reveal issues which we can act on quickly before the official visit. These mini visits have been extremely useful and very motivating.

We continue to expand the boundaries of education. On November 18th a leadership development event for senior trainees was held, where they had the opportunity to attend a ‘Meet the Execs’ session with trust executives. Both groups learned a good deal and we will be repeating the event early next year.

On 9th December, we held our annual Poster Presentation afternoon in the learning centre at RBH. This is an opportunity for trainee doctors to present research, case studies or audits that they have undertaken recently. The posters are primarily prepared by foundation doctors. In previous years the standard has been very high and judging the winners has been a real challenge. This year, the trainee doctors organised the event themselves.

As we join the age of social networking (a few years late!) it only remains to tell you that we are also setting up a twitter account. The aim of this will be to keep everybody up to date with events and developments. It will of course be somewhere to provide feedback – the essence of learning.

Seasons Greetings.

Malcolm Littley Associate Medical Director (Medical Education)